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Web Technology for Next-Generation Alumni Communities

AlumniMagnet is an Alumni Community Building technology allowing Alumni Associations of all sizes to harness their most powerful asset: the alumni themselves.

Ask yourself...Why have some of the largest, most active, and most successful alumni organizations--including Harvard University, the University of Illinois, Harvard Business School, the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business, The Wharton School, the London School of Economics, and others--chosen AlumniMagnet as their technology to power their alumni communities?

The reasons are simple:

Results. Results. Results.

Our Enterprise clients typically achieve a 90% adoption rate of our platform among their sub-communities.

That is, when our Enterprise clients make the AlumniMagnet platform available to their regional chapters and interest-based groups, over 90% of those sub-communities choose to adopt the platform to power their online engagement efforts.

No other provider of alumni management software has achieved adoption rates anywhere near that 90% mark.

Why do so many sub-communities choose to adopt our platform?

Read on.

Ease of Use

The AlumniMagnet platform is designed for business people, not techies.

If you can operate a web browser, you can use the back-end tools that power the AlumniMagnet platform. No coding, HTML or specialized knowledge required.

Gone are the days of having to rely on IT specialists or staffers at a central alumni affairs office to manage the websites of each regional chapter or interest-based group.

With the AlumniMagnet platform, volunteer alumni leaders can do it all themselves -- from updating content, managing events, send out targeted e-mail blasts, managing memberships and collecting revenue.

Because not only are the tools intuitive and easy to use, but we provide an extensive library of video tutorials that cover every aspect of the platform.

It’s all so easy to use, in fact, that over half our clients launch their sites without ever having to call us to ask a single question about implementation details.


Collaboration Tools

AlumniMagnet offers a “multi-user / multi-admin” capability -- making it easy to delegate various online tasks lower-level staffers or volunteers.

Handing over the reigns of control accomplishes two goals:

  • Empowers the people in your organization by giving them ownership over their respective domains --  leading to boosts in output and productivity
  • Frees up your organization’s leaders up to focus their energies on running the organization -- as opposed to the web site.



The AlumniMagnet platform is highly flexible and adaptable:

Integrates with all major 3rd-party donor- and database-management systems, including Blackbaud’s Raiser’s Edge, Advance, GriffinConnect and many others -- even most home-grown systems

  • Provides a data structure custom fit for your alumni directory needs
  • Can match the look-and-feel of any existing web site


Rapid Deployment

Although our platform is highly customizable, we offer several website templates that make launching a website a snap.

Organizations launching a “Chapter” or “Central” implementation can go from non-existent to live and fully-functional in a single weekend.

Organizations launching an “Enterprise” implementation can expect to take their communities live in 45-60 days. For example, when Harvard Business School made the AlumniMagnet platform available to its sub-communities, over 30 communities adopted the platform in the first year alone. By year two, that number had doubled. Today the adoption rate hovers aorund 95% (To visualize this, please visit this map of HBS alumni communities worldwide.)

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