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Big Clients = Big Expectations. AlumniMagnet's Core technology is very flexible, allowing us to deliver an "Off-the-Shelf" product with a very high level of client-specific capabilities. And it shows: our clients - without question - the standard setters in the Alumni Relations industry.


Harvard Alumni Assoc.

Since 2006

Our most elaborate Enterprise implementation. Powering over 250 unique web properties for multiple business owners with varying data structures, all seamless, all integrated, all standardized! We are very proud of this 9+ years of a very strong and successful relationship.


Of Illinois

Since 2009

Size matters! Arguably the largest alumni association in the world, the UIAA is as fantastic as it is large. Imagine the highest level of affinity and love for alma mater you have ever seen -- a million-strong. And with size, comes very unique challenges for which a flexible solution is a must.


Northern Illinois

Since 2017

The NIU Advancement and Development team is a true innovator! A savvy group of professionals who require significant flexibility and a feature-rich solution. NIU's implementation has been a significant factor in the evolution of our unique gifting and campaign management tool.

What We Do

"The Cliffnotes" - A quick intro to AlumniMagnet's offerings

Primary features and functionality of the AlumniMagnet platform.

Website/Content Management

Responsive, Drag-and-Drop, HTML5, Social Widgets - packaged in an easy-to-use content management environment. more...

Volunteer Recruitment and Management

Comprehensive automation means less tedium and more time for creativity. more...

Membership Management

Online membership registration and renewal with automatic member renewal notices. more...

Event Management

Better events, bigger attendance, less work... more...

Social Networking

Integration with social media sites such as Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter. more...

Online Directory

Customizable search, access, and display. Users can set their own info display preferences. more...

Interest Groups

Sub-divide users into public, private, and hidden groups with discussion forums for groups to support networking and collaboration. more...

Member Benefits

Allow your members a great vehicle for self-promotion as well as a member to member discount feature. more...

Smart eCommerce

Fully-featured shopping cart with Smart RSVP system and fully secure transactions. more...


Email announcments can be sent to all users or restricted to certain groups.. more...

Self-Serve Capabilities

Users can renew memberships, buy tickets, and make donations on their own. more...

Career Development Tools

Members can post resumes, search resumes, and search job postings. more...

Automation Capabilities

Let AlumniMagnet do the chasing and lighten the load on your volunteer officers. more...

Online Giving

Self-serve capabilities allow users to make donations on their own. more...


Tailor Fit to Meet Your Needs

AlumniMagnet offers a variety of options to fit your needs. With responsive, easy to use functions, you'll be up and running in no time. Call for a demo to see what we can do to help improve your site.

Giving Edition

A lean and mean alumni development fund-raising machine!

Create and manage unlimited gift campaigns. Communicate and track pre and post gift activity. Manage your donor database. All in a powerful, easy-to-use, and very affordable donation-management hosted software package.

Flex Edition

Designed for the smaller university with growth in mind.

The Flex Edition is aimed at smaller schools as it offers an affordable, feature-rich alumni relations online and back-office platform. Enjoy an included core feature set with the choice of 3 additional Premium Features based on your need.

Premium Edition

All included - The most complete alumni management tool out there!

Online Alumni Community, Career & Mentoring Tools, Fund Raising, Membership Management, Event Management, Email Marketing, Voluteer Recruitment, APIs to your in-house database...
It's all here.

Enterprise Edition

Made for large universities and their varying sub-community and special projects deployments.

All of the Premium features in a multi-node environment alowing connectivity between the university's alumni office and its sphere of classes, clubs, sub-communities, initiatives, etc...

Your Alumni Community - Where Pragmatism Roams

Who are they? What do they need? What do they like?
More importantly: how can you find answers to these questions, and address them accordingly?


The Devotees

Love the school,
no matter what.


The Pragmatics

Give 'em value,
they'll give you the world.


The Estranged

No matter what you do,
You'll never reach them.

The typical alumni community is comprised of 3 groups:

  • "Devotees" - Usually about 10 to 20 percent of your alumni. To them, affinity is the name of the game. These folks are 'big fans' of the organization and require very little in order to maintain their ties, engage, and contribute in one form or another. They're going to belong no matter what.
  • "Pragmatics" - 70 to 80 percent of your alumni. The common theme here is, "What have you done for me lately?" Pragmatics consistently indicate that they feel underserved and for that reason do not engage. This is a huge percentage of your alumni that are all too often not given the attention they deserve. They want to participate and interact--even contribute--but only if they get something in return: Value.
  • "Estranged" - 5 to 15 percent of your alumni. They simply do not care much for the institution. They are hard to find, harder to engage, and are just not interested.

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