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The Event Management Module

The Magnet’s Event Management Environment gives administrators everything they need to manage event signups from top to bottom. Your officers will spend less time doing back-office administrative tasks . . . and more time organizing and running events.


  • Online Self-Serve Event Ticket Sales
  • SmartRSVP™ Technology
  • Realtime Event Administration Dashboard
  • Online/offline Event Promotion Tools
  • Multi-level ticket-pricing
  • Event discounts tied to membership status


  • More event revenues
  • More event attendance
  • Incent non-members to join through integrated event discounts for members
  • Track event signups in realtime
  • Better event support
  • Professional look and feel to your website
  • Reduced admin workload


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Online Self-Serve Event Ticket Sales
Online ticket sales enable you to process as many ticket orders as your venue can handle. Fast, easy, and with no hidden charges. Set maximum registrations on a per user basis, a per ticket basis, and a per event basis.

SmartRSVP™ Technology. Realtime Event Administration Dashboard
Once you have set up an event and its ticketing options, sit back and watch registrations come in. Reporting is per-event, per-ticket type, and per-day. Event reports show summary lists of upcoming and past events along with up-to-the-minute RSVP totals. Drill-down views of each event also show signups over time, how many of each ticket you have sold, and total event revenues.

Online/offline Event Promotion Tools
Promote your events using The Magnet’s content management module. Enable all your team members to create content, and leverage all of your organization’s expertise and knowledge. Use the content you have generated to create compelling html-based e-mail event notices—fast and easy.

Multi-level ticket-pricing
Give event discounts based on membership status. Offer members special access to early registration for events.

Event discounts tied to membership status
One of the biggest incentives associations offer their members to join is member discounts to events or access to members-only events. The Magnet’s Event Management module and Membership Management module are tightly integrated to support member discounts and members-only registration for events. One customer study showed that the reason for one-third of their member sign-ups and renewals was specifically to get a discount to an event.

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