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The Magnet's Web Publishing Environment allows association community leaders to have full control for their website. It is designed for business people - not tech-heads.

The Web Publishing Environment

The Magnetís Content Management module gives administrators everything they need to manage content and have a crisp, fresh, and compelling website. Your officers will spend less time on the website . . . and more time doing the business of your organiza


  • Web Content Management
  • Collaborative Creation of Website Content
  • E-mail Marketing Management
  • Multiple Types of Content
  • External Content Aggregation
    - RSS feeds
    - Sophisticated XML integration capabilities
    - Podcasting/multimedia subscription
  • Reuse Content
  • Content can be restricted based on membership
  • status or group affiliation
  • Sophisticated photo support


  • Focus on managing your organization, not on running a website
  • Reduced admin workload and lower total cost of operations
  • Professional face to your organization
    - Fresh-looking website that can frequently and easily be refreshed
  • Enable your officers to much more effectively run the organization
    - Allow everyone to create and manage website content, not just your webmaster


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Web Content Management.

Collaborative Creation of Website Content Spread the work by allowing all your officers to contribute to building and maintaining your website’s content. Supports multiple writers and editors; divide writing and editing duties as you see fit. No prior knowledge of html is required to write or edit articles. Most basic html tags are supported and can be added to a page at the click of a button. For more web-savvy users, html can be edited within an article.

E-mail Marketing Management.

Create professional-looking e-mail marketing messages in 30 seconds.

Multiple Types of Content

Three major channels for creating content: 1. Organization-created content (event articles, news articles, job listings, photo albums, etc.) 2. Offline content, such as marketing messages e-mailed to your users. 3. User-generated content, including discussion forums and member directories fed by user profiles.

External Content Aggregation

Use RSS feeds to push constantly updated news out to your users. Sophisticated XML integration capabilities and podcasting/multimedia services make it easy to get the information out to your users that they want to have…when they want to have it.

Reuse content.

Once you’ve written an article, use it again as a template for a new article. Use the content as the foundation for e-mail communication to your users.—no extra time or work once you’ve created the original article.

Content can be restricted based on membership status or group affiliation.

A powerful option for each individual content article that allows you to allow only certain members or users access to certain articles.

Sophisticated photo support.

Photos make a website feel fresh. The Magnet supports photos and thumbnail photos across the website. Photo albums connect your users with your events and organization in a powerful way.

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