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Member Benefits Module


  • Offer added-value
  • Partial access to everyone, full access to paid-members
  • Easily promote, manage, and see free-to-paid conversion
  • Member-to-member discount feature


  • Offer enough membership benefits, and you make it an easy decision for people to join as dues-paying members
  • Increase the tangible value your members receive
  • Allow your members a great vehicle for self-promotion


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What really compels people to become members?

75% of your user base is composed of Pragmatics--people who will pay money to join your association and participate as members provided they are getting something in return. That something is Value.

You deliver value by delivering member benefits.

You deliver benefits to your members by:
- giving them opportunities for business networking, social networking, and lifestyle enhancement;
- offering special member discounts on events;
- providing partial website access and functionality to everyone...but requiring membership to have full access to all the site has to offer; and
- giving your members vehicles for self-promotion.

Pile on enough benefits--and enough of the right benefits. Joining your organization and then actively participating will quickly become a no-brainer for your users.

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