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Volunteer Recruitment & Management Tools


  • Comprehensive automation means less tedium and more time for your volunteers to be creative
  • Access control allows you to delegate tasks based on a volunteer's skill, function, and interest
  • Track who has volunteered and what areas they are working on
  • Built-in incentives such as a Featured Volunteer module and the ability to provide automatic discounts to volunteers


  • Leverage your team's efforts over a larger number of volunteers
  • Get more done--and get it done more effectively--on behalf of your members
  • Track who your volunteers are and what areas they are working in


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The Magnet's Self-Serve Capabilities

The lifeblood of any volunteer-led and volunteer-run organization is . . . your volunteers. No big surprise there.

But how effectively are you using your volunteers? Do you have the systems in place that let you leverage them and get more work done on behalf of your members without burning out your volunteers in weeks or months?

This is where The Magnet comes in. Magnet technology was specifically designed with association management in mind. The Magnet delivers volunteer recruitment and leveraging components that allow you to increase your team's productivity, enhance your brand, deliver a more compelling value proposition, and--most importantly--allow your team to get greater results with less work per person!

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