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Interest Groups Module

Divide and conquer! With unlimited user groups, your community can further enhance and fine-tune its value offering to sub-sections of its participants.


  • Ability to subdivide users into groups
    - public groups
    - private groups
    - hidden groups
  • Discussion forums for groups
    - networking
    - collaboration
  • E-mail to groups
  • Can create unlimited numbers of groups


  • Strong collaboration tools
  • Allow your members create their own networking opportunities and interest groups
  • Provide more finely-tuned networking opportunities to your members
  • More focused/granular communications with your members
  • Manage your users more effectively


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Interest Group Module

Creating Interest Groups allows your members and you to leverage the full power of your members and the smaller, targeted networks that they can now create.

Ability to subdivide users into public, private, and hidden groups

Create "public" groups that any user or member can join; "private" groups where the administrator determines who can be a member; and "hidden" groups that are only for administrators or other selected people.

E-mail to groups

Focus your e-mail to communicate more effectively with only those people who should receive a message.

Discussion forums for networking and collaboration groups

Allow your members to create interest groups for golf enthusiasts, trail runners, skiiers, and whatever other groups they would like to set up.

Create unlimited numbers of groups

Most of our customers choose to offer rolling memberships to their members, but there are some organizations that have anniversary date memberships. The Magnet supports both.

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