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Online Directory Module

Creating Interest Groups allows your members and you to leverage the full power of your members and the smaller, targeted networks that they can now create.


  • Customizable search
  • Customizable access
    - restrict searching to members only
    - or allow all users to search at will
  • Customizable display
    - restrict display in directory to members only
    - or allow all users to be able to see
  • Users update their own information
  • Users set their own info display preferences


  • Members can find the right person when they're doing the searching
  • Members can be found when they're the right person to be found
  • Allow your members create their own networking opportunities and interest groups
  • Provide more finely-tuned networking opportunities to your members
  • More focused/granular communications with your members


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Online Directory Module

One of the most important features of an association's online community is the member/user directory. There are two main ways in which members put it to use: (1) to find someone and (2) to allow themselves to be found. In the first case, you might be looking for contact info for a particular person you already know, or you might be looking for a list of people who meet certain criteria. In the second case, you want to make sure that other people are able to find you when you are the correct person for them to, say, fill an incredible job position in their company. Either way, the The Magnet's Online Directory ensures that your users can find and be found. It is one of the most important member benefits you can offer!

Customized search

Customizable access

Administrators choose whether all users or only paid members will have access to your online directory.

Customizable display

Users select profile preferences to fine-tune exactly what--if any--information they want to show to other users via the directory.

Users update their own information and display preferences

Users update their own profile and contact information. They also control exactly what pieces of their information they want to show to other directory users.

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