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Self-Serve Capabilities

The Magnet's self-serve features sllow you to push a large percentage of your admin function out to the users, reducing your admin workload and allowing your users 24x7 access to the functionality they need.


    Self-serve is key. Users can:
  • renew membership, buy tickets, make donations on their own
  • edit their own personal profile
  • access ecommerce history, edit event RSVPs
  • reset and change their own email and password


  • Reduce the time and money you spend on admin work.
  • Give your users and members the services and information they want when they want it.
  • Allow you and your team to focus on the real work of running your organization and delivering value to members.


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Self-Serve Capabilities

Whether your end-users and members need to update their profile information, renew a membership, change an RSVP, or get a new account password, isn't it easier to allow them to do it themselves?

Easier for them, and easier for you.

The admin time you used to spend on manually changing e-mail addresses, updating contact info, renewing memberships, or selling event tickets can now go directly to making a more active and compelling organization. The money you used to spend on this goes straight back to your bottom line...or it can allow you to offer more events at lower prices, which in turn will pull in even more active members.

It's a virtuous cycle that just keeps on feeding on itself and making your organization more and more successful.

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