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Leon Deshbrow, Vice President of the Chase Alumni Association
"Our operations have been streamlined, membership renewals are stronger than they've ever been before, and we're now able to spread out content management and article creation among all our officers. Our team has had accolades galore from our Board of Directors and from our alumni as a direct result of our transition to The Magnet."

Jean-Marc Bara, Vice President of the Chase Alumni Association
"Just four weeks ago we were something like #150 on Google for people searching for 'Chase alumni.' We are now #1.
Being near the top was one of the objectives for the new site. The Magnet did a very good job in advising us what to put on the home page and how to say it in order to achieve these results."

Nigel Edelshain, Chairman of the Board, Wharton Club of New York
"The Magnet has proven a valuable partner for the Wharton Club of New York. They've helped us take our website to the next level. Many of the features they have now developed for us were in our development queue for many years but did not become a reality until The Magnet made it possible.

They have been very responsive to our requests for new features and shown us a high degree of customer service. All characteristics of a great partner"

Gloria Rabinowitz, President, Wharton Club of Philadelphia
"The Magnet is a terrific product. We have seen substantial improvement in our communication capability, membership interest, and positive comments from our membership on our new "face" here in Philadelphia. We continue to improve and gain ground."

Meesh Joslyn, President, Wharton Club of Southern California
"Our operations are now much more efficient and spread amongst several volunteers. Before we used The Magnet, it was one person posting every event and being responsible for all the site admin. Now, Wharton So Cal has a team of 15 people who use the site regularly to post events, monitor their events and ticket sales, etc. With The Magnet platform, we have eliminated ALL manual processing of membership dues. Also, the system can determine if someone's membership is still valid to offer discounted pricing. Finally, the automated marketing email reminders to renew membership save us a great deal of time. There is no way that we'd be able to manage that process without this web platform.

I hear from many people that the site is a great tool for finding new events, keeping profiles updated, and getting more involved.

Member participation has been the most important benefit to our club. Active officers (who show up to meetings regularly, are involved with event planning, attend 4+ events a year) has jumped from 4 to 16 in just 2 years. The platform has allowed Orange County to get on board very quickly (now with 8+ events a year) and I've recently been contacted by some Central Coast Alumni who may be interested in putting a few events together. Without this platform, we wouldn't be able to support this type of volunteerism. Our membership has doubled in the past year and we expect to continue growing that number as we add more "group" networking activities."

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