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Techie or not - fasten your seatbelt. have the all-powerful title of being the Webmaster of your organization. You are the Go-to-Person. The Super-Powerful. The Rainmaker.

Of course, this also means that every time people need something, they go to you, ask for your super-power, and expect you to make rain!

"What's my password?"
"Can you update the event date?"
"Can you change my email?"
"I need you to add this!"
"Can you..."
"Can you..."
...This gets old quick!

Not anymore. With the Magnet's Multi-User Administration Environment, you become a project manager. You find the right people and delegate tasks to them. Within weeks, you can have a well-oiled machine of staff and volunteers working, creating, and producing results in a collaborative manner. The Magnet is built for businesspeople, not techies. This means that the training is quick, and the results are immediate.

But why stop there? The Magnet also helps relieve your daily tedium through its turbo-charged, self-serve capabilities. Let your users deal with updating their profile, changing their passwords, renewing their membership, etc. The Magnet's My Account area is extensive and covers dozens of user-actions that until now would have been dumped on your head.

And there is another way the Magnet helps you free yourself from the boredom of remedial daily operations--Automation. Let the Magnet's powerful Automation Engine work while you sleep. Renewal notices, closing out an event when it's sold out, subscription expirations--and much much more--will no longer be a part of your daily battle.

The bottom-line is that ALL our customer report a significant decrease in man-hours AND a significant increase in productivity and output. And as an added bonus, guess what: believe it or not, being the Webmaster can even be fun, as long as you have the right tools.

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