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Auxiliary Services - Taking The Magnet to The Next Level

The Magnet's Core technology is very flexible. "Off-the-shelf" implementations of our online community technology prove themselves again and again in a variety of applications. But there is another aspect to our offering that is every bit as important.

We are a partner and a resource to every one of our clients, and we offer a multitude of auxiliary services to complement our product. Data services, custom development capabilities, MagnetAPI open architecture, a full-service graphic and print-production department, and consulting services give our clients much-needed assets for their tactical and strategic needs.

Data Services

Old databases, legacy systems, bad name it. Most clients come to us with less-than-perfect pre-existing data. We offer different batch-upload, source-synchronization, and data-integrity services that help our clients "start fresh" without losing historical data. And we make sure they "stay fresh" with the built-in tools and procedures we put at their fingertips. If your user/member data seems to be flirting with the edge of entropy, chances are The Magnet can assist.

Custom Development

Keeping the right balance between flexibility and product uniformity is tough. Too rigid, and we risk limiting a client's individual needs. Too flexible, and your application becomes prone to instability, version-control issues, and long-term innovation bottlenecks. We have spent thousands of hours fine-tuning our architecture to allow us to accommodate client needs in a timely, robust, and affordable manner. More importantly, as an underlying principle, we ALWAYS try to exhaust all ways to tweak an existing feature to accommodate a client's particular needs before we go down the custom path.

MagnetAPI Open Architecture

Our clients are demanding, savvy, and resourceful. Frequently, they require access to data and content feeds to integrate with their existing systems and other web portals. Our architecture allows great flexibility in RSS and XML syndication and consumption.

Full-Service Graphics and Print-Production

We recognize that many of our clients have operational needs that span beyond the web. Some can afford an in-house design team, but not everyone can. When it comes to print-production, we view traditional marketing collateral as an integral part of the overall marketing needs of any campaign, and we are prepared to accommodate our clients with access to such resources. As a result, all of our clients are thus able to experience a major improvement to their marketing assets and their overall brand.


We believe that NO ONE knows your constituents and their needs better that you! That said, more and more we see our clients turn to us with questions that are entirely unrelated to technology. Community guidelines, administration procedures, marketing ideas, governance issues, content direction, and value-added services are some of those topics. No one likes to re-invent the wheel, and our involvement with so many top-notch professional and social networks means that we are seeing best practices across a variety of situations. We can save our clients time and energy by providing different perspectives based on aggregate data and trends we see. Our suggestions directly translate to more efficient operations, higher yield, increased productivity, and a significant qualitative and quantitative performance boost for our clients. We are not just a vendor--we are a resource. Use us!

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